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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Therapy & Teething Update

Wednesdays are so so long, but I enjoy them (aside from the 50 min drive to and from PT and speech). Sullivan is making great strides in PT right now. Since starting PT with Shani he has jumped about 2 months ahead of where he was in gross motor and he's getting stronger every day. I have really noticed a difference in his core strength. He doesn't curve his back as much when he sits, and last week our developmental specialist told us that Sullivan has progressed so much that we can drop his hypotonia diagnosis. I could have done a cartwell! Jan says that his speech is progressing nicely, too. Since starting speech therapy he is consistently saying Mama (which I LOVE, of course) and Up. He says a few other words off and on like dog, cat, and duck, but rarely when you ask him too. His favorite word is still Dada. 

Do you like the drool? He has his 1st ear infection and two teeth coming in.. he's a mess. I asked him why he thought he needed 10 teeth and he just smiled.

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