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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sullivan's Up, Up & Away Birthday Party

I am very behind on blogging.. it's been a crazy week. We had Sullivan's 1st birthday party last Saturday and he had a great time. I don't think I've ever seen a baby enjoy their 1st birthday party more than he did. We held  it at his favorite park near our home and invited several friends and family. The weather was perfect. In my wildest wishes and dreams I could not have picked a better day! I decided that since our budget was tight that I would do most of the prep and decor myself. I wouldn't say it all turned out exactly as I had pictured but it was very cute and very close. We always talk about life with Sullivan being a journey and an adventure so a hot air balloon theme seemed appropriate. I designed the invitations in Photoshop and then printed them on the photo printer I got from Matthew's parents last Christmas.

I thought they turned out pretty cute and best of all, they were FREE!

I stayed up much too late the night before decorating cupcakes, making Sullivan's party shirt, and making his banner.. one day I will stop procrastinating (right?). The morning of the party was pretty hectic, but our families helped alot. Setting up didn't take as long as we thought it would which was really nice, and we had a great turnout! I had several people taking pictures for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and my friend Sara videoed which I am so so grateful for. 

(I made these the night before by cutting and sewing felt triangles onto shoestring ribbon and adding fabric paint.)

The food all turned out pretty good (we had no complaints). I made key lime cupcakes with buttercream icing and topped some of them with the hot air balloon sugar cookies that I had made by the wonderfully talented Cookie Lady! Homemade chex mix, animal crackers, and watermelon made for a very simple and yummy spread. The cookies were definitely the star of the show. People are still talking about those cookies!

Sullivan's cake was a Funfetti cake with tinted buttercream.

I tried to get a picture of all of our kid guests before everything started but this was the best any of us could catch... and we are still missing a few kids. We had some runners!

Everyone ate while Sullivan opened presents. He got so many great gifts!

Some of our friends and family at the party...

My Maw!

Matthew's Pap Pap & Mom (Sullivan's Gran)

My Granddaddy

Playing peek a boo with his Grandma!
My parents (Sullivan's Grandpa & Grandma)
Sullivan was very excited about his cake. He'd had cake at several parties before his and he knew what was coming was going to be good!

He had a brief moment of shyness while everyone sang Happy Birthday but he quickly got over it!

I finally just had to take the cake away.. he just kept eating and eating, which lead to a bit of a sugar high...

Matthew's youngest brother, Nicholas, gave Sullivan a balloon and he became obsessed with it.

Sullivan and his "Unc"
I tried to get a picture with some of the kids that missed the first group shot, but when I tried to take his balloon away (he kept putting it over his face) this is what I got...

... and the meltdown lasted for a few minutes.

We did manage to get one great family shot before we all left (minus the balloon!)!

I can honestly say that we all had a blast, but no one had a better time than Sullivan. He loved talking to all of his family and friends, playing in the bouncy house, eating cake, and playing with his balloons and presents. He thoroughly enjoyed his day and was worn out! 

He fell asleep before I even got the car in drive.

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