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Friday, June 1, 2012


First of all, if you don't watch Big Bang Theory, you should; you're not going to get this post if you don't. Here's a youtube clip to kind of catch you up:

I've been eyeing the ball pit at the Infant Stim building for several months. It's been begging me to throw S in there and take these pics. So when Matthew bought S a Green Lantern shirt a week ago I knew this had to happen.

Sullivan was very comfortable in the ball pit. At first he wanted to pick them up one at a time and throw them...

.. and then kick them with glee.

He loved it so much!


I think he could have even gone to sleep in there if we would have let him.


  1. Too cute....and funny! Wish there was a way to let Sheldon [I forget his real name] see this.

  2. Ava will be SO jealous when she sees these pics. That is like her ball pit, but on steroids of awesomeness! Love it :)

  3. Oh that is to sweet Rachel! I am glad he loved the ball pit. Now I want to go in one!! hehe