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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

I was really looking forward to this weekend. This week flew by, but it was still stressful. I had a headache for most of it which is rare for me. I didn't handle it well and was really whiny about it. Kudos to Matthew for putting up with that. A few years ago I was a frequent volunteer at our local no-kill animal shelter and although I don't really have the time to go out and work with the dogs anymore we are trying our best to still stay involved with their fundraisers and show our support. This Sat was their 1st annual dog pageant so off to the park we went first thing that morning. Sullivan enjoyed all of the dogs. There were 4 lb dogs and 200+ lb dogs. It was kind of wild! 

Of course after about an hour of watching dogs we had to go to the playground. Matthew tried to go down the slide with S but he wasn't interested. He liked this lion thing though and of course his favorite, the swings.

 Sunday was of course Mother's Day; it was also baby dedication at our church. I didn't really get any pictures of that but maybe someone will share some they took with us! After church we had lunch with Matthew's family as usual, and Sullivan thoroughly enjoyed himself. The kid loves food!

He also had fun crawling around on the dance floor at the restaurant. Oh yeah, Sullivan started crawling on Friday! I couldn't be more proud of him.

After lunch we visited with my mom. We blew a tire somewhere in the middle of our day and bought a new one.. it's always something! I don't think I could have asked for a better end of my first Mother's Day though... feeding the ducks at the park and taking a walk.

I'm so proud of my baby and so proud to be his Mommy. I love you, Sullivan!

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