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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Ever-Changing House

It seems like our house is always in a constant state of transition. There's still much that we want to do, but it's coming along.

Real estate listing photo.
The day they handed us the keys (notice Cricket is already investigating the inside).
After we took up all the random and half-dead bushes, painted some of the stone, added a new roof, windows, front door, and shutters.
We have landscaping! 
Siding coming off...
....and the new siding is finished!

They put our mailbox back up in a really weird place and our house numbers are crooked as can be, but the siding itself looks great! I have a plan brewing in the back of my mind to fix the house numbers. All I can say about the mailbox is at least I can see inside of it now without standing on my tip toes!


  1. I know you're so gad that's done. Looking good!

  2. And it looks terrific!!! Count your blessings on the mailbox re-location :)