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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Siding & Spaghetti

Back in late January we had some damage to our house during a tornado warning. About half of the siding went missing off the south side of our house along with the electrical box. 

This was taken with my phone so it isn't the best, but the electrical box is hanging off on the right and you can see the old wood siding at the top.
The electricity was fixed almost immediately, but the insurance company didn't make a decision on the siding repair work until recently. The crew showed up bright and early today though and when I came home from dropping Sullivan off at daycare and getting my hair cut they had removed most of the old siding.

The green is the foam they nail the new siding to. You can also see the wood where the old garage was located which I think is neat.
I got alot of cleaning done today while Sullivan was at daycare so I decided to invite some of our friends over for dinner. I wanted to make spaghetti and it makes SO much so it all worked out perfectly. 

Sullivan loves spaghetti but he was more interested in playing with it than eating it tonight. Having Ava over might have had something to do with that. They're BFF and I can't even begin to imagine how much they're going to get into once Sullivan is mobile!


  1. I couldn't pay Noah to eat spaghetti. So glad you got the siding taken care of.

  2. New siding will make it feel like a new house! When I had our huge porch painted, I was so tickled at how much nicer the whole house looked when I came up the driveway!