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Friday, May 18, 2012

1st Haircut

Yesterday was one of the busiest days we've had in awhile. I've been displeased for over a month or so with how long Sullivan's hair had been getting, especially around his ears, and going back and forth about whether to cut it or just wait it out and see if he looked ok once it was supper shaggy. Sullivan has pictures next Monday and I finally just decided to go for it. So I texted my friend Maria on Wed and asked if she could fit us in sometime this week. She said "how about tomorrow?" and I said "Awesome." Our morning went super smooth and I had both of us ready well ahead of time which worked out perfectly because I wanted to take a few before pictures of him anyway. I headed to the backyard, sat Sullivan on a rock, and almost immediately got this...

He is SUCH a ham. He loves leaves and picked this one up right away but of course he wanted to put it in his mouth, and I said no. So he had to think about what to do.... 

....... sigh.

In other news, yesterday marked Sullivan's 6 month cranioversary! I can't even believe it's been 6 whole months since his cranio surgery. In many ways it seems so much longer. I feel like we've been able to really live since his surgery. I've been able to breathe. His head isn't looking too shabby either; you can't even see his scar most of the time! I'll probably blog on that more another day.

Maria works out of her home so she can stay with her two girls. She also lives out in the middle of nowhere and I can never remember how long it takes me to drive to her house. I ended up getting there a little early. She was finishing up another client when we got there so Sullivan played with Bentleigh for a few minutes.

He had his cape on soon enough though! He thought sitting in the chair was so much fun! It didn't hurt having some free entertainment from the girls either.

I told Maria that I wanted to keep most of his hair up top so we could mohawk it. He liked watching her work in the mirror but eventually he just wanted to grab her comb so she gave him one to hold.

I think he looks great! It wasn't a huge change and that's what I wanted. I can safely say that he had a ball having his hair cut.

This was his first haircut other than when he had his head buzzed for surgery. My baby is getting so big and so handsome.

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