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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bye bye bugs

I hate bugs, specifically mosquitoes, but they love me. Normally, I walk outside and within 5 minutes have several bites. As you can imagine that makes 75% of the year very itchy for me. Bug spray helps, but I'm not ok with showering myself in all those chemicals on a daily basis- so I started looking for other options. Folks, I have found the solution!

Little Nurslings Natural Bug Spray
This is what my bottle looks like; although, they have since changed their packaging. *Photo Courtesy of Little Nurslings.
Isn't the packaging precious and unassuming? I had the perfect opportunity to test this out on Tuesday night. Matthew had two back-to-back church softball games starting at 7:30pm. We had planned on going to my brother-in-law, Nicholas', soccer game at 5pm but our car wouldn't start. So while trying to figure out what was wrong with the car I decided to just let S eat his dinner picnic style in the yard. He loves being outside and he loves eating so he was happy.

Once we got to the game I sprayed maybe 2 sprays of the bug spray on my hand and then rubbed them together and put a light coat on Sullivan's arms and legs. I sprayed my arms and feet which took about 6 sprays. The spray has a pretty strong scent, but it's a nice scent. Everyone around me was asking what it was that I was spraying. One lady said that she wanted it for her sinuses. No one complained about the odor though. It's nice and woodsy. The best part? Not one bug bite in the 2 1/2 hours we were outside! 

I really like this bug spray! It's not a bad price either at $12. I also like that it's made by a work at home mom in small batches. Really though.. the no cancer-causing chemical thing is really the biggest selling feature for me! I have tried several Little Nurslings products and they've all been great.. I love the Organic Tired Mama Soak & S loves when I wear my Wooden Nursing Necklace. 

You can buy Little Nurslings Bug Spray here: She's currently running a Mother's Day promo on her Facebook page so check her out!

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