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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crawling, Toys, & My Camera

You can really tell we have a crawling baby in our house these days; there are toys everywhere. It's exciting to watch Sullivan get into everything. I will admit that it also stresses me to have such a mess everywhere though. That is exactly why I am a firm believer in the basket system. A toy basket (or two) in every room keeps me sane. The only toys that have a specific home are puzzles and books. Books go in his room on the shelf and puzzles go on the shelf under the end table. Everything else goes in whatever basket it happens to be next to when we clean up. It's working for us so far. Right now Sullivan's favorite place to explore is by the front door. He loves pulling up on the ladder bookcase and opening and closing the door.

This hobby of his does not impress Cricket. 

I've been wanting to learn how to use my camera better. It's nothing fancy and I usually shoot on auto, but I knew it could take much better pictures than it has been. So today I finally sat down and messed with all of the settings. I found a tutorial that explained a few of the more technical settings and I think I have a firmer grasp on all that now. I was excited to try it out when S got home from daycare, but we were in a rush to get to church and I didn't have a chance to take any until we actually got there. I was pretty pleased with how my test shot came out though even if my subject is wearing dirty daycare clothes!

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