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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Painting the Pig

Sullivan is now having therapy two days a week (PT, OT, & Speech). Getting him therapy one day a week was a breeze; getting it twice a week was not as easy. On Wed we drive to Paris and he works with Shainey, Jan, & Holly. It's almost an hour drive for us one way, but I can tell he's going to greatly benefit from seeing them. Shainey is all about strengthing his muscles and less about milestones on a chart. I like that. Thursdays are our Early Intervention days, or "Lori days" as we like to call them. Lori has been with us since Sullivan was 1 month old. She's like family at this point and Sullivan loves her. Here are a few blast from the past pictures of Lori & Sullivan....

This is my favorite picture of them. Ever.
Unfortunately, Sullivan has figured out how to throw a fit with Lori to get his way, and that has been happening more frequently. Normally she comes to our house, but I requested that we start working at her office so that we would be on her "turf" and hopefully he would behave better. This Thursday was the first of many there for us I'm sure because he did great! She started off with some crawling and pulling up exercises. He loves these pop up type toys so they were a big motivator for him.

Lori kept referring to this as the "day of fun" and in continuing that theme they painted a pig. The mud was chocolate pudding. Sullivan hates hand over hand and vice versa so he wasn't so sure at first.

But then he licked his fingers...

..and he warmed up to the idea.

He did great with the self feeding, too.

When he was done painting the pig, Sullivan decided to paint himself. 

We ended our "day of fun" with some drumming.

I think it's safe to say he had a great time!

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  1. Sullivan is so sweet I truely enjoy him and he is doing so well! He is such a blessing :)