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Friday, August 3, 2012

Word Up! S turns 14 months

Today Sullivan is 14 months old and I refuse to believe it. Time just moves so quickly. Right now everything is so dramatic with Sullivan. He's happy and then it's the end of the world. Somehow it's the end of the world about every 5 minutes. Tears and tantrums are our life right now. But in between all of that there are wonderful moments. Like when he's talking or walking with his walker. When he's laughing so hard that his eyes disappear or when he's giving his infamous bear hugs. He loves swimming, playing with friends, dancing, and being outside. Sullivan also loves watching PBS. He loves pretty much every show which is nice because no matter when I need to turn it on, he'll be happy. His favorites right now are Barney and The Electric Company, which is way above his level but he likes all of the music they play and will dance while playing with his toys. It's super cute. I'm amazed at all the words he says right now.

Thank You
What's that?
What's this?
Uh oh
Got it
It tickles
Paw Paw

He'll also parrot different names, but doesn't say them regularly. He's said Kaegen and EmilyGrace.. probably a few more that I can't remember. It always catches me off guard. We've had alot of fun watching the Olympics this week I'm surprised by how into the swimming and gymnastics I've been. Matthew thinks it's hilarious how much I've yelled at the TV. I'll be sad when they're over.

S hasn't felt well the last few days; I think we're battling yet another round of the stomach virus. I wish it would leave us alone- for real. We went for a walk this afternoon to get some fresh air. S has been enjoying his wagon rides.

And when we got home there was a surprise on our doorstep- a farm! 

I posted on Facebook a few days ago asking if anyone had any farm animals that they didn't want anymore. I got some pretty cute responses. Apparently it wasn't a given that I wanted PLASTIC farm animals. A friend contacted me a few days later though and said she had found me a farm and a few animals and that they were free. Score! He loves it.

He's been showing me the animals and telling me the ones that he knows and asking me the ones he doesn't. He's a little obsessed with sorting them though. For whatever reason they must all be piled in this one area of the barn.

OCD much, son?

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