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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Waiting for the Phone to Ring

There's not much going on around here these days, just the norm. Sullivan is talking like crazy. Some days I wonder if all this speech therapy was such a good idea! I'm joking of course. S has actually been discharged from speech with Ms. Jan. He still has speech with TEIS but Jan felt that he was doing great and that we just didn't need her anymore. I agree that he's doing well, but at the same times it scares me to drop therapies. It's all we've ever known.

We saw Dr. Kelly this week. It was a very quick appointment. He felt S's noggin and agreed that it was too narrow. He ordered a CT and we're currently waiting on insurance to approve it. They were supposed to have approved it by now so I called and check on the status of things today and was told not to expect a call until at least Friday. More waiting. It's hard wondering whether your child will have another massively invasive surgery. I actually think the waiting is harder the second time around. That's the nature of the cranio beast though. It never ends. His head will change until he's in his teens for better or worse and it's just something we'll have to deal with. Compounded on that is the likelihood of him having a fill-in surgery. The chances of that are much higher if we have another CVR. That's a hard reality; it's especially hard for my mom.

We've been enjoying more time outside these days since it's not quiet as hot in the evenings. Our next door neighbors have a new husky named Lola, and S likes to visit her. She's very much a hyper puppy and he thinks that's hilarious.

I can always tell when I'm more stressed out because I take fewer pictures. I hate that about myself. It's not like we're not still living and doing fun things. We're still going to the pool, and to church, and making neat things. I've been spending tons of time with my cranio support group moms (online of course), and much of my time the past week has been spent making a flyer for Vandy to pass out to new patient families. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. 

My Photoshop was so rusty, but I'm thrilled that the moms in our group loved it and even more thrilled that Dr. Kelly's office, the PICU nurses, and the child life specialists have agreed to hand them out! Abby and I are loving how much our group has grown in just a short amount of time. We have 21 families now! Our hope is that between all of the different areas handing them out that we will reach all of Dr. Kelly's cranio patients and their families. If I can find any reason for all of S's cranio battles I suppose it's this. We're helping others, baby.

*Update! Our CT scan is scheduled for next Thursday. We'll meet with Dr. Kelly the following Monday to get the results.

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