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Monday, July 16, 2012

Waving From the Station

I've come to realize that I have several pregnant friends, and by several I mean more than 10. I also have several friends trying to get pregnant, and by several I mean more than 5.. and those are the ones that I know of. One of my close friends announced her pregnancy recently and I didn't even make it in and out of church that morning before the questions and comments from people started: "When are you going to jump on the baby train, Rachel?" "When are you guys wanting another baby?" "Remember not to drink the water..." ... you get the idea. Surprisingly I get these questions alot, too much if you ask me considering Sullivan is only 13 months old. But here's my short and simple answer...

I'm perfectly content with this little man right here.

"But, Rachel," you say.. "it's unfair to him to be all alone! He'd be much happier with a sibling! Don't you want a little girl?!"

Those are not valid enough reasons, for us, to have another child. I'm not saying we don't ever want another child... I'm just certain that, Lord willing, another child won't come out of this body. My body hated being pregnant, and it almost killed me. Much to everyone's surprise our reasoning for not wanting another child right now has nothing to do with Sullivan's medical problems, and everything to do with mine.

Matthew and I also feel like we want to fully enjoy Sullivan's childhood, and that's another reason we're not even considering another child until Sullivan is in school.

So hop on that baby train, ladies and ENJOY it. If you're happy, I'm happy for you! Just know that I am just as happy waving at you from the station.

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  1. This post made me laugh. Contentment is a beautiful thing. You go girl.