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Monday, April 30, 2012

Smelling the Roses

Sundays are always so hectic at our house and this Sunday was no exception. All was going well until I looked at the calendar and realized that we had Children's Church. Oops. So we ran like mad to get ready and get to church in time to plan a lesson and activities. You do not want to be unprepared with thirty 3-6 year olds. When we got to church Matthew looked in the bulletin and saw that we did not in fact have Children's Church this Sunday but that I had written it on the calendar wrong. Whew. At least we were on time for Sunday School. I helped in the nursery since there were several volunteers missing. This rarely goes over well with Sullivan. He has a 3 foot radius of happiness most of the time. If I am more than 3 feet away.. he'll scream. Apparently at church that radius shrinks to 2 feet. He played pretty well though, all things considered, and had a good time with Halle Grace and Dru. I know he's going to be sad when they move up to the one year old room next week and leave him behind. Just one more month though and he will be joining all of his BFFs again!

Our church has the most beautiful roses out front. They are truly amazing! I couldn't resist getting his picture made with them.

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